Division 3A

Competition:6662  Match:879576  UCFL

Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds 2 - 2 Draiocht Titans

Referee: Sean Keane

Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds share points with Draiocht Titans.
5th placed Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds were held to a 2-2 draw by 2nd placed Draiocht Titans at Ratoath Harps Grnd at 2 pm

Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds
Form: D L W W W L L L W W L L

Draiocht Titans
Form: W D W L W D W W W W W L W W

Current League Position
2Draiocht Titans14102238201832
5Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds125162328-516

This competition head to head
05/11/22 12 pmDraiocht Titans21Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2ndsRing Commons Sports Centre, Balbriggan
04/03/23 2 pmDunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds22Draiocht TitansRatoath Harps Grnd

Club Fixture History
06/04/22 6:30 pmDraiocht Titans32Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2ndsDivision 3
18/09/21 11:30 amDunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds35Draiocht TitansDivision 3

Recent Results in this competition
Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds
04/03/23 2 pmDunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds22Draiocht Titans
18/02/23Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds13Glasnaion FC
04/02/23 2 pmDublin Postal FC15Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds
21/01/23 12 pmCeltic Park FC12Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds
26/11/22 2 pmKill Celtic14Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds
19/11/22 1 pmExodus FC51Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds
Draiocht Titans
25/03/23 2 pmExodus FC12Draiocht Titans
04/03/23 2 pmDunshaughlin Youths FC 2nds22Draiocht Titans
25/02/23 2 pmDraiocht Titans42York Road FC
18/02/23 11:30 amBeech Park FC 2nds21Draiocht Titans
11/02/23 2 pmDraiocht Titans42Kill Celtic
04/02/23 1:30 pmDrumcondra AFC 2nds11Draiocht Titans
Referee Statistics
Sean Keane155537

Dunshaughlin Youths FC 2ndsDraiocht Titans