Division 3

Competition:4015  Match:450635  UCFL

Coolock Village FC 2nds 5 - 1 Mid Sutton Sportslink

Referee: Patrick Dunne

Brace of goals for Martin Wolverson as Coolock Village FC 2nds beat Mid Sutton Sportslink.
8th placed Coolock Village FC 2nds won 5-1 against their visitors, 4th placed Mid Sutton Sportslink at Chanel Complex at 2 pm

Coolock Village FC 2nds
Form: L D L L L L W L L L D W

Mid Sutton Sportslink
Form: L D W L W L L W L W W W D

Scorers: (Coolock Village FC 2nds) Chris Burns,Martin Wolverson (2),Wayne Harte,Shanks Kaunda

Current League Position
4Mid Sutton Sportslink136253938120
8Coolock Village FC 2nds122281933-148

This competition head to head
09/11/19 2 pmCoolock Village FC 2nds51Mid Sutton SportslinkChanel Complex
15/02/20 2 pmMid Sutton Sportslink22Coolock Village FC 2ndsOscar Traynor Centre

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Referee Statistics
Patrick Dunne9315

Coolock Village FC 2ndsMid Sutton Sportslink
Chirs Ward1
Chris Burns1
Chris Ward2
Martin Wolverson2
Shanks Kaunda2
Simon Moore4
Tom Corry2
Vincent Rooney1
Wayne Harte1
Wedson Thindwa2
Brian Collins2
Sean Dineen2
Shane McGarry1
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