GROUP 4-A UCFL Pre Season

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Astars 5 - 4 Castle Celtic FC 2nds

Referee: Tom Shannon

Astars take spoils against Castle Celtic FC 2nds.
7th placed Astars marginally won 5-4 against their visitors, 8th placed Castle Celtic FC 2nds at Corkagh Park at 1:30 pm

Form: D D L L L W L W

Castle Celtic FC 2nds has yet to win in this competition.
Form: D L L L D L D L L

Astars v Castle Celtic FC 2nds
GROUP 4A 26/06 13:30
Astars 5 - 4 Castle Celtic FC 2nds
Tough game, first half ended 2-2, Astars pulled away 5-2, got complacent, ended 5-4
26/06/2021 16:11
Current League Position
8Castle Celtic FC 2nds9036918-95

This competition head to head
26/06/21 1:30 pmAstars54Castle Celtic FC 2ndsCorkagh Park

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Referee Statistics
Tom Shannon18837

AstarsCastle Celtic FC 2nds