Team application forms for season 2020/21

Applications are open for all teams, including any prospective new teams, to participate in the UCFL in season 2020/21. To download a form, please click on the following link:

31/03/2020 12:45
09/03/2020: Reminder and clarification of requirement to switch if home team’s pitch unavailable
Additional guidelines agreed at December management meeting concerning significant change of kick-off time

For many years, the UCFL has introduced a (minute) rule at the beginning of each season to the effect that, in the event of the home team’s pitch being unplayable, the game must be switched to the away team’s pitch and go ahead as otherwise scheduled.

Over the years, various scenarios have arisen which have required clarification of this rule. For example, it has been established that a match can go ahead on an alternative venue nominated by the home team, or indeed, on a pitch similarly sourced by the away team which is not necessarily its own usual venue. This is subject to the usual conditions, such as that the alternative venue be reasonable in terms of location and that a switch may be impossible in the event of a very late change etc.

09/03/2020 20:35
30/09/2016: Changes announced to the way postponements are granted
Following a steadily increasing number of problems and disputes relating to postponements over recent seasons, the UCFL has adopted, by way of a minute rule passed by the League Executive Committee, a number of changes to the way postponements are sought and granted. These changes come into effect from 1 October 2016 and will remain in force for the rest of the season. At this stage, it is envisaged that they may become part of the UCFL’s permanent rules at the 2017 AGM.
30/01/2020 15:50
Disciplinary Procedures

Any player dismissed from the field of play is automatically suspended for his team's next match.

The related red card report will be dealt with by the disciplinary sub-committee on receipt, when any additional suspension* and/or fine will be decided. If warranted, this sub-committee may request the attendance of nominated people following the red card report. However, any person who is the subject of a red card (or equivalent) report, may request a personal hearing. This must be done either by appearing in person on the Thursday night following the incident, or by contacting the Hon Sec in advance to confirm his wish to appear.

18/11/2019 00:34
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