About UCFL

Founded in 1948, the UCFL is one of a number of amateur soccer leagues operating in the Dublin area. It is one of the main leagues in the city for Saturday soccer, on which it concentrates exclusively. Fixtures are also sometimes set for midweek evenings (Mondays and Wednesdays) at the start of the season in August and as the end of the season approaches in April and May. It is usually necessary to do this due to the postponements which inevitably occur due to bad weather during the winter months.

The membership of the UCFL currently (season 2019/20) consists of 60 teams from 46 separate clubs, split into 6 separate divisions. Some of these clubs also run teams participating in one or more of the other leagues in Dublin.

In addition to the divisional leagues referred to above, the UCFL also runs 4 knockout Cup competitions together with 6 Shield competitions,1 for each of the 6 divisions. Further details on all these competitions can be found elsewhere on this site.

A number of “outside” competitions (FAI Junior Cup, Leinster FA Junior Cup and Leinster FA Junior Shield) are open to teams in the UCFL, with eligibility depending on level. Eligibility criteria and entry procedures are outlined under the “Outside Competitions” sub-section of the “Cup Competitions” section.

The majority of the teams play on public pitches hired from the local authority responsible, though a number have the use of private pitches.

Clubs wishing to enter a team in the league must demonstrate that the team has the capacity to fulfill a season long programme of fixtures, typically 25 to 30 matches, and to comply with the other requirements of the league. More details on these requirements and the process of applying for membership are contained under the membership section of this website.

The UCFL runs a representative team which participates in the national inter league competition, the Oscar Traynor Trophy. Annual challenge matches against certain other leagues also feature in the league team’s list of fixtures.

The UCFL is affiliated to the FAI via the Leinster FA, the body with overall responsibility for amateur football in the province of Leinster.

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