Clubs wishing to enter a team in the UCFL should fill out an application form (see Forms section, or, alternatively, an online submission form under Application Form section on this website) and post it to the league secretary as directed on the form. This should be done prior to June 7 of the year in which membership is sought.

The next step in the process involves representatives of the club meeting the UCFL Executive Committee for interview to ensure that the club understands all the requirements for membership and that it has the capacity to fulfill those requirements.

Among the requirements are the following:

(1) Access to a football pitch for home matches every other Saturday afternoon from late August to May.

(2) Sufficient players to fulfill a season long programme of fixtures (typically 25 to 30 matches).

(3) Proper equipment — playing gear, nets, footballs etc.

(4) An appropriate public liability insurance policy.

(5) Payment of league fees and all other associated affiliation fees.

Further information can be obtained from the league secretary Paraic Treanor (see contact details under Contact UCFL section).

27/03/2019 17:48