Update – message from Hon Sec

The message below was emailed to all club secretaries on Tuesday (March 31)

The UCFL Executive Committee held its first meeting since 05/03/2020 last Thursday night (26/03/2020). This meeting was held via tele-conference – a first in the history of the UCFL - to evaluate the ongoing scenario that has emerged with the coronavirus pandemic. It is impossible to make a definitive plan but some tentative ideas were discussed, as follows:

1. We estimate that we will need a 2 month period to complete the outstanding fixture list for this season e.g. if the season recommenced on 1 May it could conceivably be completed by 30 June. By rule, we will have to seek the permission of the Leinster FA to extend the season beyond 31 May. Moreover, clubs with leased pitches from the council and other authorities may have to seek permission to extend their tenure for the current season.

2. The recommencement date will determine to what extent the current season can be finished.

3. It may well be that we have to defer the start of season 2020/21 until September 2020. Nonetheless, we will ask all clubs to complete the online application form, by the due date (05/06/2020), for next season. Moreover, should any new club wish to join the UCFL, they can provide us with their details through this application process. Upon receipt, we will liaise with these clubs to determine their readiness to join the UCFL.

4. The April Management meeting scheduled for Thursday, 16/04/2020, has been cancelled. The next meeting scheduled is the Annual General Meeting which is scheduled to be held on 28 May. This may be subject to change if the pandemic persists. The Presentation Dinner was provisionally booked for 5 June but obviously this date is very likely to be changed.

5. It is good to see that clubs and individuals connected with the League continue to communicate with John Mooney to profile and promote the League.

6. We have written to the FAI Coaching Department for written confirmation of those candidates who have successfully completed their National D licence. Upon receipt, we will credit the appropriate clubs with their Coaching Subvention.

Finally, it is our intention to communicate with all our clubs at regular intervals before the recommencement of football activities.

In the meantime, please stay safe and ensure the good health of all who are dear to you.

03/04/2020 16:18