Update - April 10

The message below was emailed to all club secretaries on Thursday (April 10)

With no new information emerging since our most recent communication on March 31, the UCFL Executive Committee intend to meet (via tele/video conference) again next Thursday, April 16. At this point, we do not expect to be any wiser regarding a possible date for resumption of football activities, but we hope to address a number of less urgent ongoing issues, along with reviewing the current situation.

At this stage of the season, we often encourage teams to think about preparations for the following season, though this is usually difficult while the season is reaching its busiest point. However, given the circumstances this year, teams may well be in a position to take advantage of the enforced break and devote some time to preparing for next season.

In this context, we had an online team application form for renewing membership of the UCFL for each new season on our old website and we were close to launching a new version of this online option just before the Covid-19 restrictions began on March 12. Unfortunately, these measures have caused some changes in priorities for our developers, but we hope to have the new version available in the near future, with the capacity to generate an automatic email to the applicant containing the information submitted.

In the meantime, alternative methods of applying are available in pdf and excel format and we would encourage teams in a position to apply now to use one of these instead. The forms are available via the following link:

a href="http://www.ucfl.ie/homepage.aspx?oid=1054&ct=userd&usersec=Procedures" target="_blank"

We will issue a further communication after our meeting next week.

In the meantime, the UCFL Executive Committee wishes members of all of our clubs and our referees a very Happy Easter and we hope everyone is staying safe and well throughout this most extraordinary time we are living through.

Finally, if clubs have any questions or suggestions regarding the unprecedented circumstances in which we find ourselves, please feel free to contact the Hon Secretary at paraic.treanor@ucfl.ie, or any other member of the committee.

11/04/2020 13:25