Update - April 25

A further update was issued by the UCFL Hon Sec in an email to all club secretaries on Wednesday (April 22):

The UCFL Executive Committee met again last Thursday (April 16) evening.

We mentioned previously that, at our meeting on Mar 26, we had discussed possible scenarios depending on the restart date. With the extension to May 5 of the measures to combat the Covid-19 virus, the only concrete development has been the ruling out of some of the more optimistic scenarios. However, the committee continue to consider various possibilities and remain committed to completing the season.

With information suggesting the Government measures are proving successful and likely to reduce the prevalence of the disease, we anticipate that an easing of restrictions may be announced early in May, though it is perhaps unlikely that these will allow for a resumption of football in the initial stages at least. However, once an easing begins, it may become possible to foresee when activities can resume, allowing more definite plans to be drawn up. We will be prepared to move quickly when the situation permits.

One area of concern here could be conditions attaching to pitch lettings, which typically run to May 31 each year. We understand that the Leinster FA are scheduled to raise appropriate adjustments to pitch lettings with pitch authorities, depending on the circumstances that emerge as the current situation evolves.

In the meantime though, we continue to encourage clubs to plan for next season. As stated before, application forms in pdf/excel format are available on the website, while testing is close to completion on a revised online application form, which we expect to be ready in the coming days. We will write to all clubs again when this is available.

Paraic Treanor

Hon Sec


25/04/2020 12:44