Teams reminded to submit application forms for 2020/21
4 June 2020

While the UCFL continue to work on the assumption that the 2019/20 will be completed between late August and mid October, attention is also being given to preparations for next season 2020/21. To this end, all teams are encouraged to submit their application form for next season to facilitate this. The main application form, for online submission, is available at the following link:

Team Registration

Given that season 2020/21 is not now expected to start prior to mid-October, the 05 June 2020 date for submission of applications will not be treated as a rigid deadline. Nonetheless, we are asking teams to get their applications in as soon as possible, noting that where information is not yet certain (e.g. main contacts, pitch etc.), this can be supplied or changed at a later date.

04/06/2020 12:49