League set to resume tomorrow

With competitive football set to resume this weekend, the UCFL would like to remind all our teams of the FAI guidelines and protocols relating to this resumption of activities. When following these protocols we would ask teams to keep in mind their objectives, the major one being to ensure that the transmission of the SARS-CoV2 virus is kept to the minimum possible and that all reasonable precautions are taken and unnecessary risks are avoided.

The FAI have issued guidance at regular intervals in recent weeks and months. Ahead of this weekend’s return to action, we would draw your attention to their most recent comments, issued yesterday (July 16) and the associated release of their latest protocols concerning referees and club Compliance Officers. The comments can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

FAI launch referee and compliance officer protocols

The matchday protocol for referees can be accessed at the following link:

Grassroots Referees Match day Protocol

The link to the Compliance Officer role and responsibilities document is as follows:

Compliance Officer Role and Responsibilities

17/07/2020 16:35