External Competitions - FAI Junior Cup, LFA Junior Cup, LFA Junior Shield
Updated 21/09/2020 - entries can be sent to Treasurer if received by Sept 23

(Note - as an alternative to submitting the entries directly, properly completed forms can instead be forwarded to the UCFL Treasurer, who will charge that club's UCFL account with the entry fee and forward all entries received with a single League cheque to cover all such entries. However, to avail of this facility, an entry must be with the Treasurer by Wednesday, September 23.)

In addition to the regular UCFL competitions, there are 3 “external” competitions available to UCFL teams – the FAI Junior Cup, the LFA Junior Cup and the LFA Junior Shield.

All UCFL teams are eligible to enter the FAI Junior Cup, which is the national knockout competition open to all junior teams in the country and the UCFL encourages as many of its teams as possible to enter, particularly those in the top two divisions. The LFA Junior Cup is open to all junior teams in Leinster playing above Division 3 level. The LFA Junior Shield is open to all teams playing at or below Division 3 level.

Entry forms for each of these three competitions can be found under the Downloads section of this website.

Note that in each case, the closing date is September 25 and the entry fee is €30.

16/09/2020 16:14