Collection of trophies and medals

One of the many casualties of the Covid-19 pandemic was of course the annual UCFL Awards Night. We had been looking into the possibility of presenting the trophies and medals to the various competition winners at a low-key ceremony before the end of September, but this too became impossible with the re-introduction of tighter restrictions in recent weeks.

Instead, teams can now collect their trophies and medals (winners and runners-up) directly from MMI. Contact details have already been circulated via email to the teams involved - any winners or runners-up which have not received this email can contact John Fraser (

Similarly, if a convenient time cannot be agreed with MMI, teams should contact John Fraser to see if an alternative arrangement can be found.

30/09/2020: Progress ongoing as games remain suspended

The UCFL are in ongoing contact with the FAI via the Leinster FA in connection with the Covid-19 restrictions and like everyone else, we are hoping that our games can resume again in the near future.

In the meantime, we are continuing with our efforts to complete preparations for the 2020/21 season which of course had already begun for some of our teams before the current shutdown. A number of issues remain outstanding, mainly in some of the lower divisions, with the delay in beginning the season until mid-October at the earliest for the majority of our teams being an additional issue for consideration.

We are close to finalising the Secretaries Handbook for 2020/21 and we anticipate that this will shortly be circulated again for final checks before going to print.

30/09/2020 13:11