Continuing cessation of football - update mid-November

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The following message was emailed to all club secretaries and main contacts this week (Nov 17):

With the continuing suspension of all adult football activity, the UCFL are of course monitoring the situation and note that the Government itself has not yet decided what restrictions to retain from the beginning of December.

At this point, we do not particularly expect that football matches will be allowed to resume immediately, but even if this is the case, we anticipate that most, if not all, teams will need at least a couple of weeks to train and prepare before re-starting competitive matches. To this end, it is the UCFL committee’s intention to contact each of our clubs to ascertain their state of preparedness ahead of the resumption. We intend to do this once we get a firmer indication of a likely date from when games will be permitted.

A number of issues have been raised in recent weeks, including the possibility that the public parks might stay open for football over the period of the usual Christmas/ New Year closedown, though with so much uncertainty prevailing, this currently seems unlikely to affect much more than a weekend or two in the middle of January. In addition, we fully expect that the season will have to be extended beyond the end of May. At the moment, we believe the Leinster FA are addressing these questions with the relevant authorities (to the extent that they can) and we anticipate communication from them in the coming days.

Finally, as of now, it is the League’s wish to see all of our usual competitions take place. The divisions, as announced in October, largely feature 10 team divisions, which is usually regarded as fewer than the optimum, but in the current circumstances it seems more likely to prove a distinct advantage.

21/11/2020 18:07