Update – all football activity to cease until Jan 31

All UCFL teams will undoubtedly be aware that collective team training must cease with immediate effect following the Government’s decision to re-impose most of the Level 5 restrictions which had been in place prior to the beginning of December. The FAI has today issued an update to ensure that all affiliates are aware of the latest situation. The most important point is that all (collective) football activity must cease until Jan 31 at least. The FAI update can be viewed at the following link:


Obviously, with the disappointing trends in the Covid-19 case numbers which have emerged over the course of December, a date for the resumption of competitive matches can only be guessed at for now. Nonetheless, clubs are encouraged to keep their teams and players focussed on an eventual resumption to the extent that this is possible, while complying with the FAI guidelines in full.

The UCFL Executive Committee will meet again next week to discuss any issues that may need to be addressed, though it is not expected to be a lengthy meeting!

31/12/2020 22:11