Update from Executive Committee

With the severe Covid-19 restrictions still in place, the UCFL continues to monitor the situation and consider different courses of action at a high level.

At the present time, the prospect of running a full season for 2020/21 is receding. However, the UCFL does not intend to completely abandon 2020/21 and go straight to 2021/22 unless matches are prohibited until, say, well into June. We are obviously still hoping that restrictions will be lifted sooner than this and, after such a long period of inactivity, we do not envisage then leaving a further significant period to pass without games. When deciding on a programme of matches in that scenario, we will be conscious of a number of factors, including having an appropriate period for preparation (training), the everyday pressures on players including family holidays etc and, importantly, the necessity to obtain permission for a season extension beyond May 31.

However, until more definite information emerges regarding a likely date for resumption of matches, we cannot plan an appropriate format in any detail. Nonetheless, ideas such as seeding of the Cup (with byes for higher division teams) and/or running Leagues based on one round of games etc. are among a number of ideas being considered.

When more information on easing of restrictions does emerge, we also intend to contact our clubs individually again before making definite decisions on how to proceed.

You may wish to note that the FAI President, Gerry McEnaney, has issued a message to all those involved in football after 12 months of Covid-19 restrictions. The message can be viewed here.

18/03/2021 16:37